A Shot of Wrestling

Podcast veteran Michael J Puddy teams up with WrestleMania veteran, WWEs own GreenMan, to discuss the latest news in the world of Professional Wrestling.

Episode 202: Ruthless Lala

March 23rd, 2020

Michael J Puddy and Marc Chouen, again connect via satellite and discuss how they are coping with this lockdown and celebrate Tom Brady leaving the AFC.  The big news was that WrestleMania is now set to take place over the span of two nights in Orlando...or is it?!  Are we seeing a new incarnation of the Undertaker character, how did AEW handle having no live crowd and have we seen our last d*ck flip?  All the questions are answered, plus Abel talks to Ruthless Lala in Part One of a two part interview.  Everything may be shutting down, but a Shot of Wrestling is still going strong...just wash your hands before listening!

Episode 201

March 16th, 2020

Michael J Puddy welcomes back Marc Chouen back to the show, via Skype, it's going to take a lot more than a global pandemic to shut down a

Shot of Wrestling.  Unfortunately, the same can't be said about WrestleMania.  As of this recording, the Showcase of the Immortals is

still on the books, but with everything closing and the number of infected rises, it can't be for that much longer.  Marc isn't happy

about Gronk coming to the WWE and MJP isn't happy about the XFL getting cancelled.  What does make them happy is celebrating 3:16, so

joing them as the count down their top three dream matches for Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Episode 200!!!

March 2nd, 2020

A show four years in the making has finally arrived, the 200th episode of a Shot of Wrestling.  MJP talks a walk down memory lane then comes back in time to recap AEWs Revolution and WWEs Super Showdown. Both shows crowned new champions but only one caused a controversy that set the internet into a panic.  For everyone who has been a part of the show the previous 199 episodes or if you a just teamed with us, thank you for all your support and here to the next 100 episodes!

Episode 199

February 24th, 2020

With Marc out healing some bad burns, MJP flys solo this week and enjoys the peace and quiet.  After reviewing the numbers for week 2 of the XFL, we discuss AEW's new toy line and getting rejected from an arena.  Some new Hall of Fame names have been leaked and ESPN becoming the front runner to land WWE's PPVs, which doesn't sit well with Puddy.  On the eve of episode 200, we open he hotline to listen to some well wishes from some of the friend we've made the past 4 years and find time to wish Ric Flair a Happy Birthday!

Episode 198 Riley Shepard

February 17th, 2020

MJP and Marc Chouen put their Valentine's Day plans on hold to come to the studio this week. It's Wrestlemania season, which means plans and rumors are starting to come out. The Undertaker will be returning to the Showcase of the Immortals, but do we want to see him face AJ Styles or Sting?  We read your comments regarding the potential induction of the Bella Twins in the Hall of Fame, and man, you guys def had some opinions. Abel chats with the Gladiator of the Geeks, Riley Shepard, to talk all about her career and her recent come back from injury. Love is in the air and we know you'll love this episode!

Vivacious Vicious Vicki

February 10th, 2020

From addiction to super-stardom the story of the Vivacious Vicious Vicki is awe-inspiring. The dream of the 6th grader who wanted to become a "wrestler like Lita" is alive and in full swing. Vicki opens up about her recovery, love life and the opportunities she has had within her first year in the business. When you listen to this interview you too will think this is the most powerful and important interview we have shared. Thanks for listening and supporting A Shot of Wrestling.

Episode 197: BCW QOTN2

February 3rd, 2020

MJP and Marc Chouen start the show by joining the rest of the world in remembering Kobe Bryant, then in happier news, they recap our Royal Rumble viewing party.  After discussing Edge's return, Andrade's suspension and the Bella's big announcement, we throw it over to Abel who was in attendance at BCW's Queen of the North 2. He reports on the happenings of the night, including some major developments that could change the landscape of BCW!

Episode 196: Hank Flanagan

January 20th, 2020

Michael J Puddy​ and Marc Chouen​ are back this week to cover a busy week in the wrestling world.  They start out by paying their respects to the Hall of Famer Rock Johnson, who was a lot more than just The Rock's dad.  Tessa Blanchard found herself as World Champion and in hot water, as allegations of bullying and racism surfaced.  AEW secured a deal to remain in TV for the next several year and Marc debuts the Hollywood Minute to breakdown all the news that involved wrestling and Hollywood.  Abel sits down with Hank Flanagan to talk about his career and what the future holds for the Irish guy from Queens.

Episode 195: Ref Steven Dumeng

January 15th, 2020

Fresh off their spa retreat, MJP and Marc Chouen are back in studio and at least one of them had a good time.  We learn that WWE ice cream bars are making a comeback, MLW might have landed a tv deal and could we visit King Corbin, KY in the near future?  Abel chats with referee Steven Dumeng and we learn all about the life of the men in stripes.  All this and we count down our top Rumble winners on the first Shot of Wrestling in the new decade!!

MV Young Interview

January 7th, 2020

Members of the Poly Cult your leader "The American Attraction" MV Young is on A Shot of Wrestling. In this SHOOT interview we learn MV's story and discuss the co-founding of Uncanny Attractions, overcoming eating disorders and representing the LGBTQ community. MV also drops exclusive details about Uncanny Attractions Mania show in Tampa along with what he is up to for NY Fashion Week. If you envy MV Young, this is a must listen!