A Shot of Wrestling

Podcast veteran Michael J Puddy teams up with WrestleMania veteran, WWEs own GreenMan, to discuss the latest news in the world of Professional Wrestling.

Episode 202: Ruthless Lala

March 23rd, 2020

Michael J Puddy and Marc Chouen, again connect via satellite and discuss how they are coping with this lockdown and celebrate Tom Brady leaving the AFC.  The big news was that WrestleMania is now set to take place over the span of two nights in Orlando...or is it?!  Are we seeing a new incarnation of the Undertaker character, how did AEW handle having no live crowd and have we seen our last d*ck flip?  All the questions are answered, plus Abel talks to Ruthless Lala in Part One of a two part interview.  Everything may be shutting down, but a Shot of Wrestling is still going strong...just wash your hands before listening!